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An All Nippon Airways flight from Tokyo arrives at Bangkok's Survanabhumi International Airport in June. Japanese travelers will be able to return to Thailand in November without undergoing quarantine under a plan by Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha. (Photo: Bangkok Herald)

Thailand’s Nov. 1 Reopening: Devil Will Be in Details

CoE? Insurance? SHA+? Prayut laid out a vision, but bureaucrats may add conditions. How many will determine how successful reopening is.
Clear cocktail glass with yellow liquid inside

Thailand’s Alcohol Laws a Cocktail of Confusion

This commentary by Barry Kenyon first appeared in the Pattaya Mail, a Bangkok Herald partner. Thailand has always had a love-hate relationship with alcoholic...
Phuket Bangla Road Restaurant Bar Pub Chinese Thai Food

Phuket Restaurants Get OK to Sell Alcohol Again

After openly defying the island’s alcohol ban and being raided by police, restaurants in Phuket can resume sellng booze on Oct. 1. Bars, nightclubs, pubs,...

Shorter Curfew, Quarantine, But Longer Wait for Thailand to ‘Live with Covid-19’

Curfews are shorter. Quarantines are shorter. This list of closed businesses is shorter. But the wait for Thailand to reopen to foreign tourism and...
Cleo SKy Bar Chiang Mai 24 Arrested Drinking

24 Farangs, Thais Busted for Sky-Bar Partying Like It’s 2019 in Chiang Mai

Two dozen foreigners and Thais were arrested for partying like it was 2019 in a Chiang Mai rooftop bar. The owner of the Cleo Café...
Pathera Group staff donate 5,000 liters of disinfecting alcohol to Bangkok hospitals and field hospitals caring for Covid-19 patients.

Panthera Group Donates 5,000 L of Coronavirus-Disinfecting Alcohol to Bangkok Hospitals

Panthera Group, Thailand’s leading integrated operator of hospitality, law and marketing businesses, has donated 5000 litres of disinfecting alcohol to Bangkok hospitals. This contribution...
somtam shop owner fined for beer photo

Somtam Seller Fined ฿17,000 for Thumb-Sized Beer Photo on Wall Menu

Out-of-control Health Ministry inspectors perverting booze law to extort massive fines for minor infractions.
Thailand Budadhist Lent No Alcohol Booze Sales Banned

Bangkok Restaurants to Stop Selling for Booze 3 Months of Buddhist Lent

Dozens of small and chain eateries across 32 districts to abstain from alcohol sales until Oct. 2
Cheers. business people holding smartphone with beer on the screen

Thailand’s Top Booze Business Group Blasts Online Sales Ban Proposal

Thailand’s largest liquor-industry trade group blasted the government’s pending ban on online alcohol sales, calling it an ineffective measure that will bankrupt honest sellers...
Online alcohol sales tablet ipad beer internet thailand banned

Thailand Bans Online Alcohol Sales, Bowing to Prohibitionists, Beer Oligopoly

A devil's handshake between Buddhist anti-booze zealots and Thailand's Big 3 brewers aims to put craft beer makers, small distributors out of business
Alcohol Marketing Ban Law Thailand

Thailand Anti-Alcohol Crusader Asks Why Singha VP’s Wife Not Fined for Booze Post

Distant royal relative and actress ML Piyapas Bhirombhakdi got a pass while ordinary drinkers are being hit 50,000-baht fines
Thaialnd Restaurats Social Distancing X CLosed Seats

Thailand’s Leaders Grasping at Straws to Keep Bars Closed, Alcohol Out of Restaurants

Analysis: With community transmission of Covid-19 at zero and contact-tracing in place, the junta leaders can't justify their war on booze
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