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Stolen Puppy Pattaya Chonburi Thailand

Chonburi Woman Pleads for Return of Kidnapped Puppy

A Chonburi woman pleaded with the kidnappers of her Golden Retriever puppy to return the dog, promising no charges would be filed if returned...

‘Farang Not Understand Thailand’: How PETA’s Coconut-Picking Monkey Business Set Off a Culture War

Thailand says global coconut milk boycott sparked by the animal-rights extremists is based on racist double-standardds and insults the country's culture
Dead Dogs Poisoned Ratchaburi Thailand Temple

8 Dogs, 3 Cats Poisoned, 4 Missing at Ratchaburi Temple

Police suspect killer is temple member
Beheaded Dog Puppy Buriram Thailand

Buri Ram Locals Outraged After Neighbor Beheads Month-Old Puppy

Teen owners thinks angry person mutilated puppy due to barking mother
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