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One of 29 luxury vehicles seized at the Bangkok home of fugitive Thai police officer Thitisan Utthanaphon. (Photo: Royal Thai Police)

Brash, Bent & On The Run, Fugitive Cop Lived Fast, Crashed Hard

'Joe Ferrari' Didn't Hide His 'Unusual Wealth'; Authorities Simply Ignored It, Until They Couldn't
Video Thailand Police Suffocate Plastic Bag Drug SUspect Extortion Bribe

Corrupt Thai Cops Held for Torture Killing of Extortion Target

4 Nakhon Sawan police arrested, warrants out for 4 more. Another 5 involved in killing of drug suspect they tried to squeeze for ฿2 million.
Bangkok Chaeng Wattana Immigration Office

2 Bangkok Immigration Officers Suspended Amid Bribery Investigation

Foreigner said officers told him business visa wouldn't be approved without 20,000-baht kickback.
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