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Thailand Covid-19 Coronavirus Vaccine Hospital Dead Coffin-2

Health Ministry Gets ฿12 Billion Extra Budget for Covid-19 Response

The Cabinet allocated an additional 12.6 billion baht from the government’s central budget to the Ministry of Public Health for its Covid-19 response, covering...

Gov’t OKs ฿11 Billion for Lockdown-Impacted Businesses, Workers

The Cabinet on Tuesday expanded its economic-relief program for businesses and workers in the Social Security program damaged by coronavirus restrictions to newly designated...
Thailand Buys Chinese Yuan Type 039A Submarine

Navy Scuttles Budget Request for 2 More Submarines

The public and politicians agreed the 22.5-billion-baht request for unneeded subs was stupid given that all government money needs to go to battle the Covid-19 crisis.
Thailand Plastic Waste Pollution Dump Landfill Recycle Ocean

Despite Horrendous Green Record, Thailand Cuts Environment Funding for ’21

A group of legislators from Thailand – among the world’s worst air and ocean polluters with a long track record of exploiting endangered wildlife...
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