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13-year-old 'Nik' was punched in the face by his Buri Ram teacher after the boy stepped on his foot.

Buri Ram Teacher Pays ฿40,000 for Punching 7th Grader in Face

A Buri Ram teacher who punched a 13-year-old student in the face has paid the family 40,000 baht in exchange for parents dropping criminal...
A male actor simulates the sexual harassment of a woman on a Bnagkok city bus in a media campaign started by creative agency Sidekick Asia.

Sexual Violence Against Thai Women Surges Amid Pandemic, Recession

Suranit appears at a glance to be a well-adjusted young woman. She is happily married, has a two-year son, loves traveling, and runs her...
Thailand Schools Abuse Preschool Sarasas Nonthaburi Filipino Teacher-1

Thailand’s Dirty Little Secret Slips as Videos Expose Child Abuse in Schools

Revelations of apparent systematic abuse at Sarasas schools has created a firestorm
Thailand Teachers Demand Safety Students Abuse

Teachers Group Demands Schools Be Made Safer for Students

A group of teachers called on the Education Ministry and school operators to tackle abuse and safety issues on campus. The teachers who assembled outside...
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