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Pattaya police raided the Sky Mountain bar for the third time. (Photo: Pattaya Mail, with permission)

Pattaya Bar Boss Who Paid ฿40K Bribe to Fake Police Busted for 3rd Time

A Pattaya watering hole whose owner paid fake police 40,000 baht to escape charges from one of two previous raids was raided again for...
Saraburi Pub 212 Arrested Thailand Drugs Covid

212 Arrested at Brazenly Open Pub in ‘Deep Red’ Saraburi

More than 200 people were arrested for cramming into an illegally open Saraburi pub in Saraburi to drink, dance and use drugs. Nong Khae police...
Bangkok's Natree "soapy massage" parlor was raided and shut down in 2016. Fifteen underage girls were found working there along with a ledger showing bribes to police.

After 6 Years on Run, Bangkok Massage Brothel Boss Captured

Police have arrested a man they say was a kingpin behind a prostitution ring that exploited numerous underprivileged people, including minors, in a small...
A Chiang Mai police officer carries the 2-year-old kidnapping victim alive out of a cave where she had been left three days.

Chiang Mai Kidnapper Wanted to Sacrifice Toddler to Forest Spirits

The Chiang Mai man accused of abducting a baby girl from a remote hill-tribe village and left her to die in a cave said...
Cleo SKy Bar Chiang Mai 24 Arrested Drinking

24 Farangs, Thais Busted for Sky-Bar Partying Like It’s 2019 in Chiang Mai

Two dozen foreigners and Thais were arrested for partying like it was 2019 in a Chiang Mai rooftop bar. The owner of the Cleo Café...
Thai Monk Defends Joe Ferrari

WATCH: Monk Vilified for Praising ‘Joe Ferrari’, Calling Torture Killing an ‘Accident’

A Buddhist monk has drawn ire in Thailand for coming to the defense of a police officer who stands accused of torturing a suspected...
Former Pol. Col. Thitisan Utthanaphon appears at Saensuk police station in Chonburi from where he was allowed to do a telephonic press conference.

Despite Vows Against Special Treatment, Thai Police Arrest ‘Joe Ferrari’ With Kid Gloves

Thai police may drag peaceful student demonstrators out of their houses at night, but murdering fellow officers get a chauffeur from outside Pattaya and a news conference to spin public opinion.
Thailand Monk Buddhist Saffron Robes Buddhism-2

Murdering Monk Only Latest ‘Saffron Scandal’ to Undermine Thailand’s Trust in Buddhism

Latest murder by a monk highlights the hidebound conservatism and conspiracy of silence that prevails at Thai monasteries
Police take suspect Teerawat Thothip to Ton Ao Yon waterfall in Phuket where he allegedly killed a Swiss tourist. It was part of a crime re-enactment on Sunday.

History Didn’t Repeat: Phuket Swiss Tourist Murder Not Pinned on Burmese Patsy

This time, however, a Thai did do it, police say. Teerawat Thothip, an unemployed drug addic, was charged with murder and robbery.
Phuket Gov. Narong Woonciew and top police and local officials led a Friday night memorial service at the beach.

200K Reward Offered as Phuket Tightens Security After Rape-Murder of Swiss ‘Sandbox’ Tourist

Ranked 110 of 150 in world for tourist safety, Thailand must get safer, Tourism & Sports says
The partially nude body of Swiss tourist Nicole Sauvain-Weisskopf, 57, was found at the rocky base of the Ao Yon Waterfall on Phuket’s eastern coast Aug. 5.

Murder in the ‘Sandbox’: Swiss Tourist Raped, Killed in Phuket; Thai Police Chief to...

With Covid-19 raging and hotel booking crashing, Phuket 'sandbox' now much overcome fears about tourist safety
Pattaya police early Sunday arrested 29 foreigners and Thai smoking shisha and playing pool at a bar claiming to be a restaurant on Soi 7.

11 Foreigners, 18 Thais Busted Drinking at ‘Closed’ Hookah Bar in Pattaya

Pattaya police early today raided an Indian pool bar, arresting 11 foreigners and 18 Thais for drinking and smoking shisha in violation of the...
Sirikarn Chuekhetkram, 23, was apprehended in the Jittaphawan Community in Bangkok’s Sai Mai area this morning following a tip that she was the source of the killer “K Powdered Milk”. (Photo supplied)

Bangkok Woman Arrested for Dealing ‘K Powdered Milk’ Drug Cocktail Tied to 6 Deaths

Bangkok police arrested a woman the believe to be a dealer of a lethal drug cocktail that killed at least six people the weekend. Sirikarn...
Anon Phuakchaya, 27, lies dead in a Pattaya apartmetn after being stabbed in the chest by his jealous wife. (Photo: Pattaya Mail, with permission)

Knife-Wielding Wife Kills Husband After Finding Him Dead Drunk in Gal Pal’s Pattaya Flat

An invidious Cambodian wife convinced her Thai husband was cheating stabbed him to death when she found him passed out in her best friend’s...
Thailand Copay 50-50 Fraud

Hundreds Defrauding ‘Go Halves’ Co-Pay Scheme to Be Prosecuted

The Commerce Ministry said Wednesday it has ordered all provinces to find vendors participating in the “Let’s Go Halves” co-pay scheme who raised prices...
Thailand Domestic Violence Rates Surges 66% Durinng Coronavirus pandemic

First Came Thailand’s Lockdown; Then Came the Wife-Killing

Pandemic, recession fuel 66% Increase in domestic violence, with 2/3 of cases ending in murder
Tawika Yuthiya , left is reunited with her daughter and mother in Pattaya. (Photo: Pattaya Mail, with permission)

Mentally Impaired Pattaya Bargirl Rescued from ‘Boyfriend’ After Being Held 5 Days

A mentally impaired Chaiyaphum woman who never should have ended up in a Pattaya bar was rescued from a man who had convinced her...
The body of Yotin Kaewfainok, 39, lay in his driveway after being shot dead by a neighbor over his barking dog. (Photo: Pattaya Mail, with permission.)

Chonburi Couple Shot Dead by Neighbor Over Barking Dogs

A Chonburi man enraged over his neighbors’ barking dogs shot both owners dead, police said. Jirat Wuthimananon, 49, was charged Wednesday with two homicide counts...
Thailand Roadside Drunk Driving Checkpoints Police

How Many Thai Cops Does It Take to Catch a Drunk Driver?

Get your flow charts ready: The lightbulbs over new roadside-checkpoints get screwed in tonight
The body of Michael Giavasis, 25, is examined outside his Pattaya condo after he shot himself following a three-hour police standoff overnight Monday.

American Steals Gun, Shoots Up Pattaya Condo Before Killing Self

An American man is dead of a self-inflicted gunshot after stealing a handgun from a Chonburi shooting range and shooting twice at police. Michael Giavasis,...
Northern Provinces Launch Crime Sweeps Ahead of Loy Krathong

Northern Provinces Launch Crime Sweeps Ahead of Loy Krathong

Northern police are launching new crackdowns on crime ahead of the annual Loy Krathong festival while keeping a close eye on the use of...
Garry Mulroy says he was the victim of an extortion racket in Cambodia

Aussie Escapes Cambodia, Claiming Police, NGOs Framed Him as Pedophile

Teacher blew whistle on shady NGO spending. Then came police extortion, jail for indecent assault of 6 boys
After 6 Years, Police Finally Raid Thailand's Biggest Online Gambling Network

After 6 Years, Police Finally Raid Thailand’s Biggest Online Gambling Network

Police on Tuesday raided the headquarters for nine well-known gambling websites, arresting their alleged operators and impounding cash and assets worth about 75 million...
Two albino barking deer went missing, leading to the probe that resulted in the ZPO chief's murder.

Thailand’s Zoo Director Shot Investigating Missing Exotic Animals in Songkhla

A Songkhla zoo employee under investigation in the disappearance of two albino barking deer shot dead the director-general of the Zoological Park Organization of...
The unidentified Russian is subdued by Doi Suthep park police Saturday.

Russian Arrested for Serial Thefts of Doi Suthep Campers in Chiang Mai

Doi Suthep-Pui National Park police on Sunday arrested a Russian man who allegedly has been robbing tourists at the Chiang Mai mountain campground for...
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