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Thailand Puts Baht Before Mekong by Buying Power from Laos’ Chinese Dams

Gov't rejects concerns over hydroelectric projects that are destroying the Mekong River environment
The Pasak Jolasid Dam in the Central Plains is in danger of overflowing.

20 Thailand Dams Ready to Overflow, Forcing More Flood-Causing Water Discharges

Twenty Thailand dams are near the point of overflowing, necessitating a mass discharge of water downstream that will cause more flooding, cave-ins and other...
The wildlife of northern Thailand’s rivers and forests, including the near-threatened Eurasian otter, could be disrupted by more dams on the Mekong (Image: Alamy)

Mekong Dams Inflicting Untold Damage on N. Thailand Wildlife

Otters, fish and birds along the Ing and Ruak rivers face threats from hydropower dams on the Mekong, but understanding is lacking of the true impacts on the ecology of these Mekong tributaries
The Mekong River in Chiang Khan district, Thailand. (Image: Engdao Wichitpunya / Alamy)

Thailand Under Pressure to Thwart Laos, China’s Sanakham Dam Project

Opponents say a refusal to buy power from the dam could stymie its progress saving the Mekong’s ecosystem
The Xe-Pian Xe-Namnoy hydroelectric project where a dam failed in Laos in 2018.

Laos Slides Closer to Puppet State as China Grab Control of Power Grid

Analysis: UCA News' Luke Hunt says years of reckless spending and a Chinese debt trap have left Thailand's neighbor on thin ice
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