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Drunk Surgeon Kills 2 in Bangkok Traffic Accident

Surgeon Charged with Drunk Driving in Fatal Porsche Crash

Bangkok police on Wednesday charged a surgeon with drunk driving after he smashed his Porsche into a Honda, killing two people. The fatal accident occurred...
A Chiang Mai police breathalyzer shows a 0.175% blood-alcohol level for a drunk driver stopped in the northern province Saturday. Police mercifully masked his face.

New Year Death Toll Hits 316 on Thailand’s Roads

The death toll on Thailand’s roads rose to 316 on Sunday with the announcement that 49 more people died and 379 injured on the...
Thailand Roadside Drunk Driving Checkpoints Police

How Many Thai Cops Does It Take to Catch a Drunk Driver?

Get your flow charts ready: The lightbulbs over new roadside-checkpoints get screwed in tonight
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