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Foreigners, even rich ones with 10-year visas, will be stuck in Bangkok condos, not houses, under new visa rules. (Photo: Bangkok Herald)

Thailand Wants Rich Foreigners, But Still Won’t Let Them Own House, Land

... Unless you've got 40 million baht to burn, of course.
The condo towers of Wong Amat Beach and North Pattaya, many of which sit empty these days. (Photo: Bangkok Herald)

Thailand to Give Free 5-Year Visas to Luxury Condo Buyers

Thailand will give out free five-year Elite Card visas to any foreigner buying luxury condos in the next two years. The government earlier this month...
Hong Kong Passport

Spooked Hong Kongers Flood Thailand Elite Card Long-Term Visa Program

The coronavirus pandemic has been very good to the Thailand Elite Card. Following on a surge of signups by mainland Chinese hoping to the flee...
Thailand Elite Card

Rich Chinese Rushing to Buy 20-Year Thai Elite Card Visas to Escape Pandemic

Some who've never been to Thailand paying millions of baht for 20-year visas
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