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Yan Marchal takes his last-ever selfie in Thailand at Suvarnabhumi International Airport before being deported early Saturday.

UPDATE: Expelled French Provocateur Thinks He Can Return to Thailand Someday

The Frenchman critical of the monarchy who was denied entry returning to Thailand Friday was deported early Saturday. Yan Eric Marchal, 48, left Thailand, his...
Yan Eric Marchal, 47, at the Sept. 19, 2020 pro-democracy protest in Bangkok. (Photo: Facebook)

Frenchman Tossed From Thailand for Sticking Nose Too Far into Politics

A Frenchman who stuck his nose too deeply in Thai politics was tossed out of the country Saturday when he arrived in Phuket. Yan Eric...
Firefighters bring German expat Benhard Hemker out of his burning Pattaya house after he stabbed and slashed himself. (Photo: Pattaya Mail, with permission)

German Torches House, Slits Own Throat in Pattaya

A German expat in Pattaya set fire fire to his house before stabbing himself and slitting his throat. Police and officers from the Chonburi Home...
Expats Help Provide Assistance at Phuket Thailand Immigration Office

Expats Assisting Confused Farangs at Phuket Immigration Office

A group of volunteering expats is now assisting with services at the Immigration Office in Phuket, making it easier for other foreigners contacting the...
Expat Festive Deal 2020 offers travel, holiday promotions for foreigners Nov. 20-22

Expat Festive Deal 2020 Offers Travel, Holiday Promos for Foreigners Nov. 20-22

The Tourism Authority of Thailand will be spreading plenty of cheer this holiday season with Expat Festive Deal 2020 at the EmQuartier shopping mall...
Ian Mitchell-Barnes, 56, suffered “catastrophic” injuries in the Oct. 16 leap, breaking his pelvis, both arms and both legs. He had one foot amputated on Oct. 25 and is still dealing with a serious infection.

Uninsured, Broke Briton Stuck in Thai Hospital After Failed Suicide Jump

A British expat who survived a suicide jump from his sixth-floor apartment is now confined to a Thailand hospital until his more than 400,000...
Yan Eric Marchal, 47, at the Sept. 19, 2020 pro-democracy protest in Bangkok. (Photo: Facebook)

Frenchman Sticks Nose Too Far Into Thai Politics, Threatened with Deportation

A French expat was threatened with deportation and told to delete several Facebook posts for sticking his nose too deeply into Thai politics. Yan Eric...

Expat Travel, Wellness Discounts Available at Oct. 10-11 Central World Fair

The Tourism Authority of Thailand is launching another travel campaign aimed at expats this weekend at Bangkok’s Central World. Called “Expat Travel Bonus: The Healthy...
Run Against Dictatorship Protest Thailand Bangkok

Farang Forward: Expats Swap Keyboards for Fanny Packs to Join Thai Student Protests

Foreigners don't get a vote, so why don't they mind their own business?

Expat Golf Societies Tournament to Tee Off in Rayong Aug. 30

Foreign expats and Thais are invited to join the Tourism Authority of Thailand “Expat Golf Societies Tournament” Aug. 30 at Rayong’s Green Valley Country...
Suvarnabhumi Internationa Airport Bangkok Thailand BKK Arrivals Sign

2,000 Exiled Expats Could Return to Thailand in July

7 groups to be first visitors allowed to enter, with and without quarantine
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