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Former Pol. Col. Thitisan Utthanaphon appears at Saensuk police station in Chonburi from where he was allowed to do a telephonic press conference.

Despite Vows Against Special Treatment, Thai Police Arrest ‘Joe Ferrari’ With Kid Gloves

Thai police may drag peaceful student demonstrators out of their houses at night, but murdering fellow officers get a chauffeur from outside Pattaya and a news conference to spin public opinion.
One of 29 luxury vehicles seized at the Bangkok home of fugitive Thai police officer Thitisan Utthanaphon. (Photo: Royal Thai Police)

Brash, Bent & On The Run, Fugitive Cop Lived Fast, Crashed Hard

'Joe Ferrari' Didn't Hide His 'Unusual Wealth'; Authorities Simply Ignored It, Until They Couldn't
Video Thailand Police Suffocate Plastic Bag Drug SUspect Extortion Bribe

Corrupt Thai Cops Held for Torture Killing of Extortion Target

4 Nakhon Sawan police arrested, warrants out for 4 more. Another 5 involved in killing of drug suspect they tried to squeeze for ฿2 million.
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