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Ian Mitchell-Barnes, 56, suffered “catastrophic” injuries in the Oct. 16 leap, breaking his pelvis, both arms and both legs. He had one foot amputated on Oct. 25 and is still dealing with a serious infection.

Uninsured, Broke Briton Stuck in Thai Hospital After Failed Suicide Jump

A British expat who survived a suicide jump from his sixth-floor apartment is now confined to a Thailand hospital until his more than 400,000...
Yan Eric Marchal, 47, at the Sept. 19, 2020 pro-democracy protest in Bangkok. (Photo: Facebook)

Frenchman Sticks Nose Too Far Into Thai Politics, Threatened with Deportation

A French expat was threatened with deportation and told to delete several Facebook posts for sticking his nose too deeply into Thai politics. Yan Eric...
Wat Pho Temple Reclining Buddha Bangkok Thailand

Thailand Temples, Bus Lines Using Coronavirus as Cover for Anti-Foreign Racism

Even as the U.S., Europe and Australia reckon with institutional racism and treatment of minorities, Thailand is using the coronavirus pandemic as an excuse...
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