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Progressive Movement leader Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit rallies voters before Sunday's SAO elections

Thailand’s Progressives Rebound in Local Elections, Winning 38 Mayorships

After getting crushed in last year’s provincial elections, Thailand’s progressives bounced back in this weekend’s local polls, winning 38 mayorships and council seats. Progressive Movement...
Move Forward, the successor to the now-banned Future Forward Party, suffered a crushing defeat across the 52 provinces where it fielded candidates for PAO presidents and council members.

Touting Wrong Message, Thailand’s Progressive Party Gets Crushed in Local Elections

Move Forward took its national platform to the provinces and learned the hard way that all politics are local
Thailand Future Forward Party Thanathorn Election Commission Criminal Charges

EC Throws Book at Ex-FFP Leader Thanathorn

Having already banned him, dissolved party, election panel now want to put him in jail
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