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Lazada Ecommerce Online Hacker Data Breach

Thai Officials Downplay Hacker Claim 16 Million Patient Records Stolen, Vow Quick Arrest

Thai officials are scrambling to find out who hacked a Public Health Ministry database leading to the theft of personal data of a claimed...
Hacker working in the darkness

Corrupt Vaccine Center Volunteers Sell Thousands of Queue Slots Amid Inept Gov’t IT Security

Thailand's government programmers again proving they haven't a clue how to build secure, functional websites & apps
Lazada Ecommerce Online Hacker Data Breach

Lazada Blames Tech Partner for Hackers Stealing 13 Million Thailand Data Records

E-commerce retailer Lazada is blaming a third-party technology provder for allowing hackers to stealing personal data of 13 million users from its Thai platform. Representatives...
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