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The Chiang Saen checkpoint on the Thailand-Laos border.

Laos Seen Reopening 5 More Thai-Border Crossings

Laos is expected to reopen five more border crossings with Thailand as trade between the two countries continues to increase. Government spokeswoman Rachada Dhnadirek said...
The Laos border checkpoint in Chiang Rai's Sobruak village in Wiang

Chiang Rai Reopens Laos Border, But Requires Covid-19 Booster or PCR Test

Chiang Rai will reopened its border crossings with Laos on Wednesday but required Laotians to have had three Covid-19 shots to be exempted from...

Laos Drops All Entry Restrictions as Thailand Clings to QR Codes, Insurance

Laos has gone from locked up to no restrictions, dropping all Covid-19 entry restrictions even as Thailand clings to its clunky Thailand Pass system. In...
third Thai-Lao friendship bridge Thailand Nakhon Phanom

Thailand Reopens 2 Laos Border Crossings

Immigration police in Nakhon Phanom Province on Monday reopened two border crossings with Laos, including a pier to serve tourists and locals as cross-border...
Smog Air Pollution Smoke Haze Northeast Issan

Smoke from Laos Envelops Issan

Smoky haze from Laos raised PM2.5 levels sharply in the Northeast with the fine dust exceeding safe limits in 34 provinces, according to the...
Dec 15, 2016 - Preah Rumkel, Cambodia. A fisherman lays a net in a pool where the dolphins have recently relocated to. The paticular stretch of area near the Laos-Cambodia border was once the protected home of the Mekong Irrawaddy dolphins. The cacophony of noise from daily explosives used by workers building the Don Sahong dam has forced the dolphins into unprotected waters. © Thomas Cristofoletti / Ruom

Cambodia Races to Save Last Mekong Dolphins

. The last Irrawaddy dolphin in Laos is dead and the few remaining in Cambodia face a multitude of threats.
At Phumin Temple, which is thought to be about 425 years old, inspectors new cracks in the main Buddha statue

Ancient Nan Temple Damaged by 5.8-Magnitude Earthquake in Laos

Northern Thai provinces were shaken awake early Monday by a magnitude-5.8 earthquake that hit Laos. The Earthquake Observation Division of Thailand’s Meteorological Department said the...

Thailand Puts Baht Before Mekong by Buying Power from Laos’ Chinese Dams

Gov't rejects concerns over hydroelectric projects that are destroying the Mekong River environment
Thailand Army Soldiers Border Myanmar Cambodia Thailand Patrol

Thailand-Myanmar Border Security Reinforced to Prevent Illegal Crossings

As Myanmar’s daily coronavirus case numbers spike, Thailand’s defense authorities have ordered security officers including policemen, soldiers, and local officers to reinforce the border...
A map showing various bridges and other transport projects on the Thai-Laotian border.

6th Thailand-Laos Friendship Bridge Planned

Thailand and Laos are discussing the idea of building a sixth Friendship Bridge over the Mekong River to connect the two countries. Speaking Friday in...
The Mekong River in Chiang Khan district, Thailand. (Image: Engdao Wichitpunya / Alamy)

Thailand Under Pressure to Thwart Laos, China’s Sanakham Dam Project

Opponents say a refusal to buy power from the dam could stymie its progress saving the Mekong’s ecosystem
Six Burmese nationals were caught Sept. 8 trying to sneak into Thailand.

Thailand’s Closed Borders Fueling Crisis in Neighboring Countries

Thailand’s closed borders are not only causing misery for Thais dependent upon tourism, they’re fueling a crisis in Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar, as well. After...
The Xe-Pian Xe-Namnoy hydroelectric project where a dam failed in Laos in 2018.

Laos Slides Closer to Puppet State as China Grab Control of Power Grid

Analysis: UCA News' Luke Hunt says years of reckless spending and a Chinese debt trap have left Thailand's neighbor on thin ice
Michael Sebastian (center) has been indicted in the US on three counts of engaging in illicit sexual conduct in foreign places and three counts of sex trafficking involving children

American Indicted in U.S. For Laos Child-Sex Trafficking

English teacher accused of using educational charity in Luang Prabang as a front to sexually abuse children
Seven-Eleven convenience store chain to make Laos debut in 2022

Thailand’s 7-Eleven Empire to Expand to Laos

Franchiser CP All set to start steamrolling country's 65,000 mom-and-pop corner stores in 2022.
Law Freedom Missing Activists Thaialnd

Nowhere Is Safe: SE Asia’s Strongmen Conspiring to Disappear Activists

Commentary: Even when they escape their own countries, pro-democracy activists often pay with their lives writes James Lovelock
Thais Stranded in Laos Return to Thailand

So Close, Yet So Far: 19 Thais Stranded in Laos Finally Come Home

Nineteen Thai workers have returned home after being stranded in Laos for five months by the coronavirus lockdown. The workers arrived at the border crossing...
Dead Chinese Laos 1

Trigger-Happy Laotian Cops Kill 5 Chinese, Grab 1.3 Billion Kip

Just another day in the Golden Triangle as Chinese casino gamblers die in hail of gunfir
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