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The winner of ฿30 million baht in the Sept. 16 government lottery in Chiang Mai, along with her security agent.

Chiang Mai Woman Wins ฿30 Million Lottery, Finds Relatives She Never Knew She Had

A Chiang Mai woman today is 30 million baht richer after hitting the jackpot in Thailand’s government lottery. The winner, owner of a mirror and...
Bancha Piempongsan, 61, went to police Dec. 4 to register his five winning lottery tickets with the number “100994” following the Dec. 1 draw.

Rayong Man Gets ฿30 Million ‘Gift From Beyond Grave’ in Lottery

On the day Bancha Piempongsan marked 100 days since his 94-year-old father died, he bought six lottery tickets with 94 as the last two...

Lottery Sellers Say Overpricing Can Only Be Solved by Printing 100 Million More Tickets

Government lottery sellers called for the printing of another 100 million tickets and wholesale prices cut for disabled vendors at a meeting called to...
Pattaya mahout wins 12 million baht in lottery thailand

Pattaya Elephant Tenders Wins B12 Million in Thai Lottery

A Pattaya elephant mahout who bought lottery tickets hoping to win a few peanuts instead got 12 million of them when he won first...
Wanli Panyasai invited 200 people to her birthday party, and then gave them 300,000 baht in presents.

Udon Thani Lottery Millionaire Drops 300,000 Baht from Sky as Birthday Gift to Neighbors

An Udon Thani woman who won 90 million baht in the lottery in 2018 continues to give it away to struggling neighbors. Wanli Panyasai –...
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