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Traffickers Exploiting Myanmar Job Seekers by Quadrupling Fees to Sneak into Thailand

Preying on desperate migrants and asylum seekers from Myanmar, human traffickers are charging exorbitant fees for help to get into Thailand illegally, officials say. A...

Thailand to Import 160,000 Migrant Workers to Ease Labor Shortage

. More than 2 million work permits are expected to be issued after latest relaxation of border controls for foreign workers.

Chiang Mai Charging Foreigners ฿3,000 for ฿35 Covid Test to Renew Visas

Double pricing is nothing new to foreigners in Thailand, but 3,000 baht for a 35-baht coronavirus antigen test kit is extreme, by even Siamese...

Amid acute labor shortage, Thailand continues to deport migrant job seekers

Call it oxymoronic: Even as Thailand suffers an acute labor shortage, authorities continue to arrest and deport job seekers from Myanmar for entering illegally. The...

Burmese Woman Enslaved by Rich Thais Since Age 13 Rescued After 13 Years

. Family made trafficked laborer work without pay, education since primary school

Thailand Intensifies Crackdown on Human Traffickers

Authorities are stepping up their campaign against human traffickers who continue smuggling large numbers of migrants from neighboring countries. Thy are issuing arrest warrants for...

Thailand Detains Migrant Workers Labor Rights Delegation, Touching Off World Outcry

. Migrant workers were detained last week while submitting a petition on behalf of other workers

Thai Migrant Smugglers Pose Greatest Covid-19 Threat to Reopening

Another 400 migrants captured in 2 days in Kanchanaburi

Thailand Border Agents Told to Step Up Patrols for Illegal Aliens, Human Traffickers

Thai security agencies were told to monitor transborder smuggling and human trafficking ahead of the country’s November reopening. Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha vowed that laws...

Thailand’s Mass Vaccination Drive Ignoring Vital Migrant Workers

Migrants are the engine that keeps Thailand running, but vast majority remain unvaccinated against Covid-19

Locked In & Forgotten, Migrant Workers to Fend for Selves During Pandemic

Migrants who work at construction sites in Bangkok have been left to their own devices without any help from the government following a moratorium...

Thailand Wants Migrant Workers to Return, But Will They Want to Come Back?

Caged like animals, treated like lepers, migrants wrongly have been blamed for Covid-19's spread.

Burmese Maids, Cambodian Nurses Left Out of Thailand’s Vaccine Plans

Rights advocates call for migrant workers employed as domestic helpers to be given priority for Covid-19 jabs.

Thailand’s Treatment of Migrant Workers Creating Breeding Grounds for Covid-19

Gov't loves to blame Burmese for soaring numbers of coronavirus infections, but its to blame by locking migrants into crowded, unsanitary conditions.

Samut Sakhon Stadium Field Hospital to Close Jan. 14 as Province’s Covid-19 Outbreak Ebbs

Nearly 200 Burmese migrants confined to a field hospital in Samut Sakhon were discharged Tuesday after being cleared of their coronavirus infections. The 180 patients...

914 or 69? Tuna Giant Thai Union Distorts Massive Coronavirus Outbreak at Samut Sakhon...

UPDATE: Provincial health officials contradict world's largest tuna canner, which claimed only 69 workers contracted coronavirus

Signs of Progress as Thailand’s Local Coronavirus Cases Drop to 82

Putting aside 439 newly confirmed cases among Samut Sakhon migrant workers, Thailand’s Tuesday coronavirus report offered a glimmer of hope the second-wave could end...

Covid-19 Second Wave Raises Tide of Xenophobia in Thailand

Migrant workers from Myanmar are among the most heavily impacted groups in Thailand as the country continues to grapple with a second wave of...

Fueled by Migrant Cases, Thailand Reports 745 New Coronavirus Cases

Thailand, as expected, broke its daily record for coronavirus infections, adding 745 cases to the country’s Covid-19 tally, with 505 of them coming from...

Myanmar Ambassador Visits Confined Burmese Workers in Samut Sakhon

Myanmar Ambassador Myo Myint Than visited Burmese workers restricted to Samut Sakhon Province to boost their morale as they await Covid-19 tests. The ambassador and...

Thailand to Prosecute Corrupt, Negligent Border Officers for Permitting Illegal Immigration

The National Security Council will punish officials who allowed illegal migrants sneak into the country. Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu Krea-ngam said Monday the NSC was...

Prayut Orders Plans for New Thailand Lockdown as Covid-19 Cases Jump by 382

Coronavirus cases linked to a Samut Sakhon shrimp market soared beyond 800 Monday as Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha ordered the Public Health Ministry draw...

Bangkok Cancels New Year’s as Coronavirus Cases Rise to 688 in Samut Sakhon

Thailand’s public-health leaders are downplaying the risk of a coronavirus second wave, but Bangkok officials apparently don’t believe it, canceling all official New Year’s...

Thailand Stares Down 2nd Wave, Hoping Coronavirus Can Be Contained to Samut Sakhon

From 1 to 13 to 548 cases, Covid-19 is back in Thailand. Will it be a Singapore-style outbreak or mass spread and lockdowns?

Thailand Again Scapegoats Burmese, with Razor Wire, Calls for Reporting of ‘Illegals’

It's not the first, nor will be the last, time Thais blame Myanmar neighbors for own failings
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