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Police show their arrest warrant to Phra Khru Suthitarakapirak, the abbot of Wat Suthiwari in Chanthaburi's Muang district, center, at the temple. He is accused in the embezzlement of 17 million baht allocated to the Chanthaburi Buddha Monthon Foundation. (Photo supplied)

Chanthaburi Monk Arrested for ฿17 Million Embezzlement

A prominent Buddhist monk was arrested on charges he played a major part in embezzling 17 million baht earmarked for a Buddhist charity. Phra Khru...
monk thailand wat temple flooded flooding 2021

Monk Dies, Historic Temples Inundated as Floodwaters Make Way Toward Bangkok

Monsoon floods have submerged large swathes of central, northern and northeastern Thailand in deep water, inundating numerous communities and causing large-scale damage to people’s...
Two popular, wise-cracking monks stand by House religions, arts and cultures committee members to accept their fate of being less funny.

Humorless MPs Tell Wise-Cracking Monks to Cut Livestream Humor 30%

Laughter may be the best medicine, but, in Thailand, it apparently has no place in religion. So says conservative zealots on the House religions, arts...
Thailand Monk Buddhist Saffron Robes Buddhism-2

Already Fined, Boozing Monks Defrocked After BBQ Party in Chiang Mai

Seven Buddhist monks have been expelled from the ranks of the clergy after they were found to be partying in Chiang Mai. The monks, four...
Thai Monk Defends Joe Ferrari

WATCH: Monk Vilified for Praising ‘Joe Ferrari’, Calling Torture Killing an ‘Accident’

A Buddhist monk has drawn ire in Thailand for coming to the defense of a police officer who stands accused of torturing a suspected...
Four of the clerics arrested were abbots at various Muang Chiang Mai District temples.

Chiang Mai Monks May Be Bounced for Booze BBQ

Eight Chiang Mai monks were arrested, fined and suspended after police broke up their alcohol-infused barbecue party. Each of the senior monks tested positive for...
Thailand Monk Buddhist Saffron Robes Buddhism-2

Murdering Monk Only Latest ‘Saffron Scandal’ to Undermine Thailand’s Trust in Buddhism

Latest murder by a monk highlights the hidebound conservatism and conspiracy of silence that prevails at Thai monasteries
Thai Temple Las Vegas Nevada USA Thailand

Gov’t Worries as Thai Monks, Nationals Fall Ill with Covid-19 Across U.S.

The Foreign Ministry is watching anxiously as growing numbers of Thais in the United Station fall ill with Covid-19. Monks at Buddhist temples in both...
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