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Myanmar Junta Army Soliders Karen Union Mae Sot Tak Thailand

5,000 Flee Myanmar Fighting, Crossing into Thailand

A clash between Myanmar soldiers and ethnic troops near the Tak border impacted heavily on residents of the northern Thailand province as about 5,000...
Myanmar Rohingya

For Tatmadaw, Rohingyas Can Be the Key to Legitimacy

With eyes fixated on the ongoing Afghan debacle and America’s messy withdrawal from the infamous ‘graveyard of empire’, the world might have missed a...
Sister Ann Rosa Nu Tawng kneels and pleads with security personnel not to shoot unarmed civilians in Myitkyina, capital of Kachin state, on Feb. 28. (Photo supplied)

Myanmar’s ‘Kneeling Nun’ Took on Junta; Now She Fights for Covid-19 Patients

For Sister Ann Rose Nu Tawng, her role during the pandemic is not much different from her role during political unrest
Migrant workers wearing face masks look on from behind barbed wire fence set up by authorities to block off a camp in an effort to halt the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus in the Beting Tanjung community in southern Thailand's Pattani province.

Thailand’s Treatment of Migrant Workers Creating Breeding Grounds for Covid-19

Gov't loves to blame Burmese for soaring numbers of coronavirus infections, but its to blame by locking migrants into crowded, unsanitary conditions.
mynamar thailand kanchanaburi border crossing

Kanchanaburi Closes Myanmar Border Crossings

The governor of Kanchanaburi has ordered the closure of all five border districts indefinitely, in response to a severe Covid-19 outbreak in Myanmar. In fear...
Thailand Army Soldiers Border Myanmar Cambodia Thailand Patrol

Thailand-Myanmar Border Security Reinforced to Prevent Illegal Crossings

As Myanmar’s daily coronavirus case numbers spike, Thailand’s defense authorities have ordered security officers including policemen, soldiers, and local officers to reinforce the border...
The Myawaddy Complex in Myanmar includes a brewery, casinos and lots of Covid-19.

60% of Thais Working In Myanmar Casinos Return Home with Covid-19

Another 100-plus soldiers were deployed to patrol Thailand’s northern border in to stem illegal crossing from Myawaddy from where Thai casino workers are expected...
Myanmar Ambassador Myo Myint Than visited Burmese workers restricted to Samut Sakhon Province to boost their morale as they await Covid-19 tests.

Myanmar Ambassador Visits Confined Burmese Workers in Samut Sakhon

Myanmar Ambassador Myo Myint Than visited Burmese workers restricted to Samut Sakhon Province to boost their morale as they await Covid-19 tests. The ambassador and...

Bangkok Sees 2 Local Covid-19 Cases as 1G1 Hotel Cluster Spreads to 23

Health officials confirmed two locally transmitted coronavirus cases in Bangkok Sunday as the number of Covid-19 infections tied to the infamous 1G1 Hotel cluster...
CCSA reports 2 locally spread coronavirus cases in Tak border province

‘Wolf’ Gets In: Myanmar’s Coronavirus Outbreak Spreads to Thailand

CCSA reports 2 locally spread coronavirus cases in Tak border province
Health workers in Myanmar Covid-19 Coronavirus

‘Wolf at the Door’ as Myanmar’s Coronavirus Epidemic Reaches Thai Border

Disease control director predicts Thailand Covid-19 cases to soar 68% to 6,000
Six Burmese nationals were caught Sept. 8 trying to sneak into Thailand.

Thailand’s Closed Borders Fueling Crisis in Neighboring Countries

Thailand’s closed borders are not only causing misery for Thais dependent upon tourism, they’re fueling a crisis in Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar, as well. After...
coronavirus testing covid-19 thailand

Mass Coronavirus Testing Underway in Tak

Thailand pivots from targeted Covid-19 testing to mass tests in areas bordering Myanmar
Thai army patrols the Myanmar border in the north to catch illegal migrants after hundreds of Covid-19 cases were reported in August.

Actions Speaking Louder Than Words About Reopening Thailand’s Borders

As tourism officials blather on about long-stay visitors, army locking down borders tighter than ever amid Burmese outbreak.
A military patrol searches for illegal migrants on the border with Cambodia.

Thailand Battens Down Myanmar Border As Coronavirus Surges in Rakhine

Health officials in areas bordering Myanmar have been ordered to watch out for illegal migrants as the coronavirus spreads in the neighboring country. Dr. Sophon...

Despite Labor Shortage, Disease-Control Chief Wants Myanmar Workers Banned After Rakhine Outbreak

Even as construction projects shut down and fishing fleets drop anchor amid an acute labor shortage, Thailand’s Bureau of General Communicable Diseases is proposing...
Myanmar Koh Tao Killers

Koh Tao Killers of British Backpackers Get Death Sentences Commuted

Two Burmese migrant workers railroaded for the murders of two British backpackers on Koh Tao in 2014 had their death sentenced commuted by royal...
Provincial Police Region 5 chief Pol. Lt. Gen. Prachuab Wongsuk explains the complex drug and money-laundering network at a June 25 news conference.

61 Arrested as N. Thailand Police Smash Drug Network’s Money-Laundering Ring

Northern Thailand police and financial regulators smashed arrested 61 alleged members of drug-trafficking network that laundered 10 billion baht through dummy import-export companies. Provincial Police...
Thirty-five deported Myanmar migrants arrive back in Myawaddy, Karen State on June 8

Thailand Scrambling to Explain Away Covid-19 Infections in 23 Deported Burmese Workers

19 were reported as being infected in the South, but what about the 4 others?
Thailand researchers testing coronavirus vaccine

New Evidence Casts Doubts on Accuracy of Thailand’s Official Coronavirus Statistics

Deported Burmese migrants test positive for Covid-19 after returning from Thailand.
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