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At Phumin Temple, which is thought to be about 425 years old, inspectors new cracks in the main Buddha statue

Ancient Nan Temple Damaged by 5.8-Magnitude Earthquake in Laos

Northern Thai provinces were shaken awake early Monday by a magnitude-5.8 earthquake that hit Laos. The Earthquake Observation Division of Thailand’s Meteorological Department said the...
Sukhothai Farmer FLooding Thailand

15,000 Rai Rice Destroyed, Levee Collapses as North Struggles With Flooding

Floodwaters that damaged more than 15,000 rai of rice fields in Thailand’s North have reached critical levels in Sukhothai were a dike collapsed on...

Flooding Critical in Nan as Rivers Overflow

Flooding remains critical in Nan Province as the Nan River overflowed Saturday in Phu Phiang District. Ban Saeng Dao-Tha Lor Road was flooded with about...
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