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Pattaya Swimming Pool Bar Tavern Raid-1

Pattaya Swim Club Raided with 50 Farangs, Thais Packed in for Covid-19 Superspreader

Pattaya people arrested 50 foreigners and Thais packed in a small, air-conditioned swim club for creating the perfect venue for a Covid-19 superspreader event. Officers...
People line up for antigen tests outside Pattaya's Soi 6 bars.

Pattaya Outlaws Home ATKs to Enter ‘Restaurants’; Tests Must Be Taken On-Site

. Police, raking it in on antigen tests, claim foreigners were 'faking' test results
Paramedics try to save the life of Narawit Pongsungnoen after he was stabbed at Pattaya's Tree Town Market Jan. 2. (Photo: Pattaya Mail, with permission.)

3 Arrested for Pattaya Tree Town Murder

. 'He threatened my family,' suspect claimed.
A few of the alleged "restaurants" at Pattaya's Covid-19 cesspool, Tree Town Market.

25% at Pattaya’s Tree Town Bar Area Tests Positive for Covid-19

A quarter of employees and customers screened for Covid-19 at Pattaya’s Tree Town Market tested positive on the first day, confirming it as the...
Pattaya Tree Town Soi Buakhao Thailand Brawl Murder Kililng Killed Injured Fight

1 Dead, 2 Hurt in Fight at Law-Bending Pattaya Bar Area

A pack-dogs attack outside a group of Pattaya bars masquerading as “restaurants” left a 54-year-old man dead and two others injured. Narawit Pongsungnoen, 54, died...
Pattaya health workers administered Covid-19 tests on Pattaya's infamous Soi 6 brothel street Monday. (Photo: Pattaya Mail, with permission.)

Pattaya Offers Free Covid-19 Tests Required for Restaurant Staff, Patrons

After Chonburi’s governor mandated that all staff and customers at Pattaya restaurants take coronavirus tests, Pattaya set up four free Covid-19 screening centers in...
Will the brothels of Pattaya's Soi 6 that reopened his past week as "restaurants" offer STD checks with the Covid-19 tests? (Photo: Bangkok Herald)

Covid-19 Tests Now Required to Enter All Chonburi Restaurants

Venues of all sizes must test workers daily; Those unwilling/unable must close
About 50 fraud victims protest outside Kasikorn Bank's Central Road bracnh in Pattaya, where an assistant manager allegedly defrauded them and the bank has not taken responsiblity. (Photo: Pattaya Mail, with permission.)

Kasikornbank Fraud Victims Take to Pattaya Streets in Protest Over Bank, Police Inaction

About 50 victims of a alleged scam perpetrated by a former Kasikornbank manager demonstrated outside Pattaya Police Station to demand action in their case...

PHOTO VIEW: Pattaya’s Nightlife Reopens, Proving Bar Closure Order a Farce

One might be able to rationalize how a Soi 7 beer bar offering up quick-slop Thai food could be considered a restaurant, but in...
Public minivan driver Chan Kiewroj, 57, tested 0.3%, six times over the legal blood-alcohol limit. (Photo: Pattaya Mail, with permission.)

Minivan Passengers Take Ride From Hell with Drunk Driver 6X Over Limit

Sattahip police arrested a public minivan driver behind the wheel while six times over the legal alcohol limit. Terrified passengers called police who stopped the...
Arriving passengers wait to have their Thailand Pass QR code scanned at Suvarnabhumi International Airport. (Photo: Bangkok Herald)

Omicron Be Damned, Ease Entry Rules for Tourists, Pattaya Hotel Boss Tells Prayut

Refusing to submit to omicron panic, the Pattaya-area chief of the Thai Hotels Association said Thailand should stick to an earlier plan to ease...
In a Dec. 9 meeting with Pattaya newly appointed police chief Pol.Col. Kullachart Kullachai, 20 victims and their attorney demanded to know why the case hasn’t been pursued.

9 Months Later, Kasikornbank, Prosecutors Still Ignoring Pattaya Bank-Fraud Victims

It’s been nine months since dozens of Pattaya residents lost 100 million baht in a scam perpetrated by a former Kasikornbank manager and nothing...
More than 100 condoms, wrappers and sanitary napkins were seen scattered around the Pattaya rail station, tracks and multipurpose area Dec. 6.

1,000 Used Condoms Prove More Than Train Cars Hooking Up at Pattaya Rail Station

Judging by the number of condoms littering the grounds of the Pattaya railroad station, train cars aren’t the only things hooking up. More than 100...
If Bangkok is any example, it won't be long until every bar in Hua Hin becomes a "restaurant" and is selling booze again. (Photo: Bangkok Herald)

Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Hua Hin Restaurants Finally Get OK to Sell Alcohol

Friday brought cheers to Thailand’s last three major tourists and expat cities under an alcohol sales ban as restaurants in Pattaya, Chiang Mai and...
Chonburi police bring Kriengsak Klomkaew to Bali Hai Pier in Pattaya to re-enact his alleged assault and robbery of a Russian tourist. (Photo: Pattaya Mail, with permission.)

9-Time Convict Jailed for Robbery, Assault of Pattaya Russian

Chonburi police arrested a career criminal who allegedly beat and robbed a Russian tourist in broad daylight in Pattaya. Kriengsak Klomkaew, 42, was captured on...
Pattaya's beer bars remain closed and restaurants still can't sell alcohol, despite being a "pilot tourist zone".

Ayutthaya, Korat Get Booze Back, But Pattaya Still Dry Under New Rules

. Governor relaxes more regulations, but fails to explain or justify nonsensical alcohol ban.
More people congregated for the first week of the Pattaya Music Festival outside the gates than inside, with the city making no effort on the disease-control front.

Pattaya Mismanaged Music Festival Crowds; Now Mayor Blames Fans for Covid-19 Outbreak

Pattaya will continue its plans for weekly events through the year-end even though its mismanagement of the crowd at the Pattaya Music Festival led...
Pattaya's Walking Street remains closed while girlie bars on Phuket's Bangla Road and Bangkok's Sukhumvit Soi 4 are open. Pattaya bar owners have had enough. (Photo: Bangkok Herald)

End Alcohol Ban Farce, Open Bars Now, Pattaya Owners Demand to Mayor, Governor

Nearly 400 bar and entertainment business owners petitioned Pattaya’s mayor and Chonburi’s governor to lift the ban on alcohol sales and put the city...
Monkeys ransacked a Pattaya fruit stall before being captured. (Photo: Pattaya Mail, with permission.)

Marauding Monkeys Pillage Pattaya Market for Fruit

Taking cues from the marauding monkeys of Lopburi, a group of sweet-toothed macaques invaded a Pattaya market, pillaging carts and stalls for fresh fruit. The...
The Pattaya Music Festival only allowed 150 people into the seating area where they were harassed by security to remain seated and not dance or sit close to friends.

New Pattaya Councilman Rips Alcohol Ban, Overzealous Covid-19 Controls

. Boonanan Pattanasin, also president of the PBTA, says needlessly strict regulations undermining Pattaya's tourism efforts.
Pattaya City Hall Thailand Chonburi

Pattaya City Council Reformed after Gov’t Fills 12 Vacant Seats

Pattaya has a working city council again. After initially refusing to appoint replacements for the 12 councilmen who resigned in recent years, the government acquiesced...
Laser Pub Disco SUnee Plaza Soi Yensabai Pattaya Thai Fire Burned Down-1

Another Pattaya Club Razed By Fire as Bar Shutdown Continues

Fire destroyed the Laser Disco, a Thai-oriented Pattaya club that has been closed since March. Firefighters from six trucks battled the Nov. 3 blaze for...
Students at Pattaya School No. 10 on Koh Larn are vaccinated against Covid-19. (Photo: Pattaya Mail, with permission)

Pattaya Schools Won’t Open Until Students, Staff, Parents in ‘Safe Bubble’

While thousands of schools across Thailand will reopen for in-person classes Monday, public schoolyard gates in Pattaya will remain closed until students, their parents...
The Sea Zone restaurant on Pattaya's now moribund Walking Street, taken during happier times. (Photo: Bangkok Herald)

They’re Pissed in Pattaya, and It’s Not From Booze

. Alcohol sales return to restaurants in Bangkok, 3 provinces Monday, but not Sin City. Angry business leaders demand to know why.
Pattaya police raided the Sky Mountain bar for the third time. (Photo: Pattaya Mail, with permission)

Pattaya Bar Boss Who Paid ฿40K Bribe to Fake Police Busted for 3rd Time

A Pattaya watering hole whose owner paid fake police 40,000 baht to escape charges from one of two previous raids was raided again for...
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