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Bangkok, Chiang Mai Air to Worse with PM 2.5 Surge Through Jan. 25

Already bad, Bangkok’s air is about to get worse with dangerous “PM 2.5” dust set to increase further in urban areas through Jan. 25,...

Christmas Eve to Bring ‘Gift’ of Deadly PM 2.5 Smog to Bangkok

Construction halted, schools cancel outdoor activities Dec. 24-29
Bangkok Thailand Traffic Cars Smog Air Pollution PM25

Want to Solve Bangkok’s Bad Air? Get Cars Off Roads, Experts Agree

Environmental academics on Monday brainstormed ideas for how to mitigate Bangkok’s air-pollution disaster, agreeing that a limit on the number of vehicles on the...
Bangkok Bans Trucks to Control PM2.5

Bangkok Banned Trucks Without Planning Where to Park Them During Day

Bangkok banned big trucks but didn’t plan what to do with the heavy vehicles while they waited all day to enter the city limits. The...
Bangkok Heavy Trucks Smog Smoke Black PM2.5

Bangkok Bans Big Trucks Dec. 1 to Control Smog

Bangkok will ban large trucks from city streets during daytimes for three months starting Dec. 1 to mitigate season smog that already has begun. Trucks...
Chiang Mai Smog Dust Haze Pollution Air Thailand

11 Foreign Consulates Bless Chiang Mai 2021 Dust-Prevention Plan

Chiang Mai’s governor apologized to envoys from 11 foreign countries about the northern province’s abysmal air quality and laid out plans to do better...

Bangkok to Detail PM 2.5 Battle Plan Next Week

Bangkok City Hall will announce its plan to tackle fine-dust pollution next week and will implement it on Dec. 1. Gov. Aswin Kwanmuang said Friday...
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