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Analysis: Bangkok Awakens to New Hope With Chadchart, Progressives Set to Lead

Chadchart Sittipunt began his first day as Bangkok’s unofficial 17th governor with a 5 a.m. run through Lumpini Park, with reporters trying to keep...

Opposition Parties Again to Try No Confidence Vote Against Prayut

Opposition parties on Tuesday said they intended to file a yet another no-confidence motion against the government once amendments to two organic laws necessary...

On 8th Anniversary of Coup, Bangkok, Pattaya Finally Will Go to Polls May 22

Bangkok and Pattaya voters will get to cast ballots for their local leaders for the first time nearly 10 years on May 22, the...

Ruling Parties Claim Unity Before Latest Gov’t Censure Debate

Thailand’s ruling coalition claims it is still united as yet another government-censure debate looms. Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha called an informal meeting with key members...

Prayut Scolds Thailand’s Do-Nothing MPs to Show Up to Work

Thailand’s do-nothing legislature had drawn the pique of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha who admonished politicians of every party to actually show up for work. The...

Voters Again Reject Thailand’s Ruling Party in Another Humiliating Election Defeat

. Wife running to be puppet of convicted Palang Pracharath fraudster places 4th in Bangkok by-election.

Between Rock & Harp Place: Funded by Elites, Young Classical Musicians Try to Keep...

A new generation of classical musicians find themselves torn between their economic dependence on Thailand’s elites and social demands for modernization. For end-of-the-year celebrations, the...

Academic Freedom Stunted in Thailand by Threats of Prison, Reprisals

. Lecturers, students risk being penalized or jailed if they offer up non-PC views on monarchy

Frenchman Tossed From Thailand for Sticking Nose Too Far into Politics

A Frenchman who stuck his nose too deeply in Thai politics was tossed out of the country Saturday when he arrived in Phuket. Yan Eric...

Desperate Times, Desperate Measures for Young Thais Facing Decades in Prison

. Accused of insulting Thailand's royal family, a young activist cut his own arm during his trial

Right-Wing Zealots Plan ‘Virtuous Council’ to Instill ‘Morality’ into Thai Youths

Morality police are "the last gasp of a declining regime that seeks to reverse the tide of history".

Curfew Could Be Next Covid-19 Restriction to Be Eased, Embattled PM Offers

Under intense fire at Parliament for his mismanagement of the coronavirus crisis, Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha threw his critics a bone by saying the...

Bangkok, Pattaya to Hold 1st Local Elections in 8+ Years Nov. 28

Stuck with junta-appointed mayors, councils since 2016, voters finally can exercise democratic rights in city/SAO polls

Investigation Demanded into Alleged Use of Live Bullets Vs. Thai Protestors

The police deny it, but live bullets ended up in the brain of an anti-government protestor and the world wants answers. Amnesty International on Friday...

Thai Police Chief Calls Riot Tactics Against Anti-Gov’t Demonstrators ‘Lawful’

The Royal Thai Police commissioner claimed its hardline, riot-control tactics against now-daily anti-government protests was “lawful” and in accordance with the international standard. Pol. Gen....

Questioning Thailand’s Slow Covid-19 Vaccine Campaign Can Mean Prison

In their latest judicial action, authorities have charged Thanathorn Jungroongruangkit with royal defamation

‘People Do Not Fear 112 Anymore’: Young Thais Defiant as Gov’t Weaponizes Lese Majeste

Their work overshadowed by a raging second-wave coronavirus outbreak, Thailand authorities are rounding up young, pro-democracy activists and slapping them with lese majeste charges...

Thai Royalist Arrested for Gun After 6 Pro-Democracy Protestors Shot

Escalating threat of violence to largely peaceful demonstrators comes from both government, yellow shirts

EXCLUSIVE: English Lyrics & Behind Scenes at Rap Against Dictatorship’s New Video

Tyler Roney goes inside the music and brings RAD's message to the English-speaking world.

3 Protests, MRT Stations Closure to Hit Bangkok Saturday

34 companies of Bangkok cops to flood streets

Frenchman Sticks Nose Too Far Into Thai Politics, Threatened with Deportation

A French expat was threatened with deportation and told to delete several Facebook posts for sticking his nose too deeply into Thai politics. Yan Eric...

#SavePornhub About More Than Titillation; It’s About Basic Freedom, Activists Say

Simpletons may call 'block' tempest in teacup, but they're missing the point

Auntie’s Slap of Teen Girl for Not Standing During Anthem Widens Thailand’s Generational Divide

Whether it was blatant disrespect or just a teenager being a teenager isn’t known, but a withering slap a middle-age woman delivered to the...

Thai Parliament Reopens as Protestors Plan March to German Embassy

Little substance expected from House-Senate joint session as pundits float Prayut replacements

Clock Ticking to 10 p.m. Saturday Deadline for Thailand PM to Resign

The clock is ticking and Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has until 10 p.m. Saturday to resign, or face a new, even-bigger series of pro-democracy...
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