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YouGov Thailand Job Security Survey Results Chart

Quarter of Thais Fear Losing Jobs Before Pandemic Ends

As unemployment surges, YouGov survey of those still employed finds half willing to take pay cut to keep job
YouGov Survey Chart on Testing in ASEAN-2

Thais Most-Likely to Have Been Tested for Covid-19 in SE Asia – YouGov

6,000+ interviews also find Thais going out more than anyone except Vietnamese.

Indians Rate Thailand Among World’s Best Golf Destination

Indian duffers have rated Thailand among the best golfing destinations in the world in a recent survey by the Tourism Authority of Thailand New...

Thais Most Eager in SE Asia to Resume Traveling – TAT Survey

As the coronavirus pandemic lockdowns relax across the ASEAN region, Thais are showing the highest propensity to get back on the road, starting with...
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