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A father sings with his young children at a street market to earn money after being laid off. (Photo: Bangkok Herald)

22% of Thais Could Sink Below Poverty Line in ’22, Gov’t Admits

The number of Thais living in poverty likely will grow to 15 million – 22.4 percent of the population – by next year because...
A homeless man sprawls on a sidewalk beside a high-end shopping mall in central Bangkok. (Photo: UCA News)

Down & Out in The Big Mango

Homelessness has surged with Covid-19 while Thailand's rich just got richer.
Homeless people in Bangkok Amid Covid-19 outbreak

800,000 Thais Pushed Into Poverty by Pandemic, Failed Government Policies

Millions of Thais have plunged into poverty during the coronavirus pandemic as unemployment soared to record levels, experts say. As many as 800,000 became impoverished...
yingluck thailand prime minister shinawatra-hero-scaled

Yingluck Calls Out Prayut for Worsening Poverty, Blowing Chances for Development

Thailand’s first and only female prime minister, who was ousted in a coup by the military in 2014, has called out the men who...
A woman sits outside closed businesses on Pattaya Beach Road Aug. 30 (Photo: Bangkok Herald)

Thais Facing Economic Ruin with Both Covid-19, Government to Blame

By James Lovelock Millions of Thais facing poverty and financial ruin not only have the devastating Covid-19 crisis to blame, but their own government as...
People queue for food handouts on Loi Kroh Road in Chiang Mai Sept. 7. (Photo: Mark Ellery/Facebook)

Hunger Stalks Thailand’s Poor, Unemployed Amid Covid-19 Recession

Judging by the blocks-long lines of people seeking food handouts nearly every day in Pattaya, Phuket and Chiang Mai, it would be easy to...
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