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Thailand Energy Giants to Open SE Asia’s 1st Cold-Energy Air Separation Unit

Two Thai energy giants this month will open Southeast Asia’s first air separation unit that uses cold energy from the condition changing process of...
Pattaya, along with Chonburi and four other provinces, is now under hard lockdown, with government permission required to leave the area.

After Waffling, Prayut Locks Down Pattaya, 5 Covid-19 ‘Red Zone’ Provinces

Non-essential interprovincial travel banned; Koh Si Chang closed, U-Tapao airport suspends commercial flights
A view of Pattaya from the city's Pratamnak Hill viewpoint. (Photo: Bangkok Herald)

Prayut Puts Kibosh on Hard Lockdown for 5 Provinces After Blowhard Minister’s FB Post

PM, CCSA, NNT all deny travel restrictions for Pattaya, Chonburi, Rayong and other provinces approved
North Road in Pattaya on Saturday night at 10:15 p.m.

Pattaya, East Sealed Off for 28 Days Under Health Ministry Proposal

Chonburi, Rayong, Chanthaburi residents would be blocked from leaving without gov't permission
Pattaya Beach Closed Sign Thailand

Pattaya Goes into Lockdown Following 108 New Chonburi Covid-19 Cases

Pattaya today went into lockdown following more than 100 new coronavirus cases in Chonburi, with all essential businesses closed and people urged to stay...
Rayong ระยอง Covid Coronavirus Gamblers Thailand-2

Rayong Covid-19 Cases Soar to 85 as Thailand’s 2nd Wave Gains Force

CCSA admits new outbreak more serious than spring, cases could reach 10,000
Thailand big bikers krabi coronavirus covid

2 New Coronavirus Clusters Erupt in Rayong, Krabi

At least 46 infected among big bikers meetup, gamblers group
Bancha Piempongsan, 61, went to police Dec. 4 to register his five winning lottery tickets with the number “100994” following the Dec. 1 draw.

Rayong Man Gets ฿30 Million ‘Gift From Beyond Grave’ in Lottery

On the day Bancha Piempongsan marked 100 days since his 94-year-old father died, he bought six lottery tickets with 94 as the last two...
A 52-year-old monk was trampled and gored to death by a wild elephant near his monastery in Chonburi in October 2020.

Monk Becomes Latest Victim of Deadly Elephant Attacks in Chonburi

Wild elephants have killed two people in the past week in Chonburi, most recently a monk collecting alms. The gored and trampled body of Suthem...
Tylan, a Cambodian rubber worker, is treated for injuries after an elephant rampage in Rayong.

Rampaging Elephant Rips Through Rayong Worker Camp, Injuring Infant, 2 Parents

A screaming baby triggered a work elephant in Rayong, setting off a rampage that sent three members of a Cambodian family to the hospital...

Pattaya-Maptaphut Motorway Opens More Tourism Destinations, Attractions in Eastern Thailand

A 32-kilommeter motorway opened last week in Thailand’s rapidly developing Eastern Economic Corridor will significantly enhance access to a broad range of new destinations...
8 Weeks No Coronavirus Covid-19 Cases Thailand

Thailand Marks 8 Weeks Without Local Case of Covid-19

Thailand on Monday marked eight weeks and more than four coronavirus incubation cycles without a locally transmitted case of Covid-19. Dr. Taweesin Wissanuyothin, spokesman for...
Koh Samet Beach Abandoned Deserted Thailand

32km Away, Koh Samet Deserted as Rayong Tourist Panic Continues

Koh Samet’s pier was virtually deserted Saturday with very few tourists ignoring the ridiculous panic over a single coronavirus case found a week ago...
Passione Shopping Destination Rayong Thailand Mall

Rayong Tourism ‘Back at Square 1’ After Egyptian Fiasco

Local business owners furious that months of sacrifice were squadered so easily
A Rayong public-health workers sprays disinfectant on city streets Monday night.

Short-Term Visits Halted, Egyptians Banned Following Foreign-Visit Snafus

Harsh blowback to force foreign diplomats to enter state quarantine after hundreds potentially exposed to coronavirus following Thai government lapses.
Flash flooding in Rayong's Pluak Daeng District leaves businesses under water Monday.

Heavy Flooding Slams Rayong Business District

Heavy flooding damaged businesses and cars Monday in Rayong after a torrential downpour. The early-afternoon flood rendered Wang Ta Phin-Ban Saphan Si Thong Road in...
Koh Samet Samed Island Rayong Thailand

After 3-Month Lockdown, Koh Samet Reopening July 1

After more than three months of lockdown, Koh Samet is reopening to the world July 1. The small Island in Rayong province, around 200 kilometers...
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