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A homeless man sprawls on a sidewalk beside a high-end shopping mall in central Bangkok. (Photo: UCA News)

Down & Out in The Big Mango

Homelessness has surged with Covid-19 while Thailand's rich just got richer.
Thailand Domestic Violence Rates Surges 66% Durinng Coronavirus pandemic

First Came Thailand’s Lockdown; Then Came the Wife-Killing

Pandemic, recession fuel 66% Increase in domestic violence, with 2/3 of cases ending in murder
A woman sits outside closed businesses on Pattaya Beach Road Aug. 30 (Photo: Bangkok Herald)

BoT Opens ‘Debt-Resolution Expressway’ for Thais on Road to Ruin

The Bank of Thailand is opening a “debt-resolution expressway” to help Thais on the highway to financial ruin. The BoT said Wedesday that while the...
With no customers in sight on Bangkok's Suhumvit Soi 8, a food vendor sleeps on her cart. (Photo: Bangkok Herald)

60% of Tourism Businesses to Fold Within 6 Months, Major Study Finds

Two-month survey project finds economic crisis to last long after pandemic ends, impacts more than just tourism
Homeless people in Bangkok Amid Covid-19 outbreak

Thailand’s Economy Worst in Region, Needs Restructuring – BoT Chief

Thailand’s economic outlook may be the worst in the region thanks to its heavy foreign dependence, outgoing Bank of Thailand Gov. Veerathai Santiprabhob said...
Pattaya Walking Street Bars For Rent Closed Thailand Coronavirus Covid-19 Lockdown

Thailand Heads Toward Historic Recession Worse than 1997 Asian Crisis – UTCC

Staring down 11.4% GDP contraction, gov't backpedals, says it now will take US$1.5 billion international loan
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