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The aftermath of a 2020 fire that destroyed 25 homes and hurt three in 2020 in Bangkok's Khlong Toei slum. Another fire on Aug. 5 leveled or damaged 31 houses.

American Priest Raising Funds to Help Khlong Toei Slum Fire Victims

A Catholic priest is raising funds to help rebuild homes destroyed in a fire inside one of the most disadvantaged communities of Bangkok. Twenty-five slum...
Bangkok Slums Covid-19 Coronavirus Testing Test Vaccine

13% of Bangkok Slum Dwellers Infected with Covid-19, Testing Shows

The Rural Doctors’ Society reported Monday that more than 13 percent of residents in 40 Bangkok slums are infected with the coronavirus during pro-active...
Staff from Panthera Group and the Kiiran Care Foundation present 1,000 food bags to residents of 29 Bangkok Slums.

Panthera Group Delivers 1,000 Survival Bags 29 Bangkok Slums Hit by Covid-19 Crisis

Panthera Group, a diversified management company with investments in entertainment, hospitality, law, marketing and real estate, delivered 1,000 survival bags to 29 slum communities in Bangkok’s Thung Khru District devastated by Thailand’s coronavirus pandemic.
Khun Tachang, an elderly grandfather who, despite being in poor health, was caring for two grandchildren, ages 7 and 9, when Panthera Group built him a new house.

Panthera Group Builds New Homes for Bangkok’s Slum Residents

Supoj lost his job and is losing his vision. His wife, Wilai, is already blind. Their new home, however, is a sight to see,...
Panthera Group donates blankets to cold resdients of Bangkok slums

Panthera Group Warms hearts, Lives of Bangkok Slum Residents with Free Blankets

It may not snow or freeze in Bangkok, but Thailand’s winter months still bring cold temperatures especially dangerous to elderly residents of the city’s...
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