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Wat Pa Mahayan, a monastery in Trang Province, has issued a cryptocurrency called Somdejcoin with more than 66 million tokens available for purchase at an as-yet-unspecified rate.

Goodbye Bitcoin, Hello Buddhacoin: Thai Temple Issues Own Cryptocurrency, Sparking SEC Warning

A Buddhist temple’s decision to issue its own cryptocurrency has sparked concerns among financial regulators about monks finding another way to deceive worshippers for...
monk thailand wat temple flooded flooding 2021

Monk Dies, Historic Temples Inundated as Floodwaters Make Way Toward Bangkok

Monsoon floods have submerged large swathes of central, northern and northeastern Thailand in deep water, inundating numerous communities and causing large-scale damage to people’s...
Thailand Temple Chiang Mai Wat Buddha Buddhist Church

Alms-Starved Thailand Temples Struggling to Keep Lights On

With monks refraining from collecting alms and Buddhist holiday events canceled, Thailand’s temples are having problems keeping the lights on. Sunthon Rattanapirom, dean of monks...
Thai Temple Las Vegas Nevada USA Thailand

Gov’t Worries as Thai Monks, Nationals Fall Ill with Covid-19 Across U.S.

The Foreign Ministry is watching anxiously as growing numbers of Thais in the United Station fall ill with Covid-19. Monks at Buddhist temples in both...
Wat Pho Temple Reclining Buddha Bangkok Thailand

Thailand Temples, Bus Lines Using Coronavirus as Cover for Anti-Foreign Racism

Even as the U.S., Europe and Australia reckon with institutional racism and treatment of minorities, Thailand is using the coronavirus pandemic as an excuse...
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