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Thailand’s Progressives Rebound in Local Elections, Winning 38 Mayorships

After getting crushed in last year’s provincial elections, Thailand’s progressives bounced back in this weekend’s local polls, winning 38 mayorships and council seats. Progressive Movement...

Thailand’s Covid-19 Vaccine Maker Tries to Defuse Scandal Imperiling AstraZeneca Deal

Siam Bioscience says it's working 'tirelessly' to get vaccination drive started Feb. 14

Prayut OKs Private Covid-19 Vaccine Imports, But Won’t Allow Use Without FDA Approval

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha on Sunday gave the official go-ahead for private hospitals and other companies to directly purchase coronavirus vaccines from overseas, but...

AstraZeneca Rethinks Thailand Vaccine Plans Amid Gov’t Prosecution of Covid-19 Critic

Generals may have imperiled country's entire vaccination plan with rabid pursuit of pro-democracy activist for questioning royal role in vaccine rollout

Questioning Thailand’s Slow Covid-19 Vaccine Campaign Can Mean Prison

In their latest judicial action, authorities have charged Thanathorn Jungroongruangkit with royal defamation

Touting Wrong Message, Thailand’s Progressive Party Gets Crushed in Local Elections

Move Forward took its national platform to the provinces and learned the hard way that all politics are local

EC Throws Book at Ex-FFP Leader Thanathorn

Having already banned him, dissolved party, election panel now want to put him in jail

Oblivious to Irony, Chinese-Thai Royalists Attack Progressives with Racist, Sexist Insults

The ultraconservative backlash against the pro-democracy movement in Thailand has taken a racist turn, despite the dumbfounding irony that most of royalists trace their...
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