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Green Sea Turtle Eggs found on Thailand Libong Island first time in 10 years

Sea Turtle Eggs Found on Trang Island for First Time in Decade

Villagers and local officials on Libong Island in Trang Province were delighted Monday to discover sea turtles were laying eggs there again for the...
Officials from Phangnga's Takua Pa District dig up a leatherback turtle egg hole and move fertile eggs to a more-optimal location.

Endangered Leatherback Turtles Return to Phangnga Beach for 1st Time in 20 Years

Absent for 20 years, leatherback sea turtles have returned to Bang Sak Beach in Phangnga to lay eggs, another sign of nature’s resurgence during...
Dead Sea Turtle Jomtien Beach Pattaya Lottery 1

Betting on Dead Turtles Brings Only Bad Luck in Pattaya

Never bet on a dead turtle. That’s certain to be what a group of Pattaya locals will be telling themselves later today after trying to...
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