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YouGov Thailand Job Security Survey Results Chart

Quarter of Thais Fear Losing Jobs Before Pandemic Ends

As unemployment surges, YouGov survey of those still employed finds half willing to take pay cut to keep job
People queue for food handouts on Loi Kroh Road in Chiang Mai Sept. 7. (Photo: Mark Ellery/Facebook)

Hunger Stalks Thailand’s Poor, Unemployed Amid Covid-19 Recession

Judging by the blocks-long lines of people seeking food handouts nearly every day in Pattaya, Phuket and Chiang Mai, it would...

Job Expo’s 1 Million Openings Also to Go Online

A million job opportunities to be offered at this weekend’s Job Expo Thailand 2020 also will be put online for those who...

1 Million Job Vacancies Await at Job Expo Thailand Sept. 26-28

To help people who have lost their jobs due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Ministry of Labor will host Job Expo Thailand...

56,000 Thais to Lose 5,000-Baht Monthly Aid Payments Sept. 30

Many applicants never signed up for PromptPay or had bank accounts closed.
Labor Chairman visits King Pac Industrial Co. Chonburi Thailand

Amid Historic Unemployment, Chonburi Can’t Fill 10,000+ Jobs

The jobs are there for the jobless, but are there enough Thais willing or skilled enough to take them?
Thailand Unemployment Office

New Economic-Stimulus Package Won’t Include Cash Handouts for Average Thais – Supattanapong

A new economic-stimulus package being constructed by Thailand’s new Cabinet likely will not include another round of cash handouts to the growing...
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