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56,000 Thais to Lose 5,000-Baht Monthly Aid Payments Sept. 30

The Finance Ministry will stop trying to transfer 5,000-baht financial aid to casual workers left jobless by the coronavirus pandemic on Sept. 30, even though 56,000 people have not yet received a satang.

The ministry said Friday that it has paid our the 5,000-baht monthly stipends to 15.3 million people, but about 56,000 applicants don’t have their bank accounts linked to the PromptPay service or had closed their accounts.

Fiscal Policy Office Director Lawaron Sangsanit said the ministry has repeatedly tried to transfer the aid payments but will give up after Sept. 30.

People who have yet to receive their payments can check whether they are in the affected group by visiting the “เราไม่ทิ้งกัน” (“We Stand Together”) website and click a dark-green button with the label “Eligible persons who have not successfully received transferred money”.

If they are in this group of applicants or receive a short message service (SMS) message to confirm their status, they are advised to contact their respective bank, so that their accounts are linked to the PromptPay service before September 28. After September 30, the ministry will consider closing the project and ending the transfer.