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Chiang Mai Zoo Blasted for Letting Tourist Fondle Tiger’s Balls for Photo

Tiger Kingdom Mae Rim Chiang Mai Tiger Testicles
A Thai woman fondled the testicles of a tiger at a Chiang Mai zoo for a social media post.

A Chiang Mai zoo said tourists no longer will be able to touch animal genitals after a firestorm erupted over a photo of a tourist cradling a tiger’s testicles went viral.

Officials at Tiger Kingdom in Mae Rim said two staff members were reprimanded for allowing a Thai woman to hold a tiger’s testes for a social media photo. The post, carrying the caption “Pray in your heart and squeeze hard Then you will be free from suffering…” implied the woman had given the balls a good squeeze.

The tiger, apparently drugged out of its mind, was unaroused by the fondling, although had the woman squeezed 6-year-old Oliver’s nuts, she probably would have discovered the kitty was not so docile.

An appropriate uproar ensued after the proud ball-handler posted her photos, with people rightly condemning the animal abuse by both the woman and the park, as well as the tourist’s obvious stupidity who posted the photo on a Facebook “animal lovers” group.

Tiger keepers Korakot Phiantham and Chaiya Khet said they saw no harm in letting the woman into the tiger cage, probably because they got a fat tip out of it. They reasoned they told her the rules and risks, so have at those big boys.