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Chiang Rai Tourism Group to Sue Illegal Tachilek Border-Crossers

Chiang Rai Tachileik Thailand Myanmar Border Crossing Checkpoint-2
The official Chiang Rai-Tachileik border checkpoint.

The Northern Tourism Federation will 10 women who illegally crossed the Chiang Rai-Tachileik border and skipped quarantine, spreading Covid-19 infections to at least 38 people and severely damaging the region’s tourism industry.

Kitti Tisakul, chief adviser to the federation, said Tuesday that tourism-related operators including hoteliers, restaurateurs and car rental operators in the region would take the legal action.

The operators concluded the combined damage totals 20 million baht from Nov 29 to Dec 7 after thousands of hotel room nights were canceled.

The lawsuit would initially target the people who crossed the border for work in Tachileik border town of Myanmar where they contracted the novel coronavirus, later sneaked back, dodged quarantine and visited places in the country irresponsibly. 

Affected operators would also take legal action against the accomplices who illegally brought Covid-infected Thai women from Tachileik back to Thai soil, Kitti said.

Border markets in Mae Sai District of Chiang Rai were quiet after news reports on the illegal returns of Thai people with Covid-19 from the neighboring country.

Since March 22, the Interior Ministry has closed the border crossing near the 1st Thai-Myanmar Friendship Bridge which spans Tachileik and Mae Sai. Before the closure, about 10,000 people had crossed the border there on a daily basis.