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Lead-Foot Bus Driver Sends Chiang Mai Uncle Flying, Operator Won’t Pay

Chiang Mai Uncle Falls Out of Bus
A CCTV video capture shows "Uncle Wan" after falling.

Be quick the next time you get off a bus: If you fall when it starts moving, the doctor bills may be on you.

That’s at least what “Uncle Wan”, a 57-year-old Chiang Mai man found out after getting stuck with a 3,500-baht hospital bill for injuries incurred last week when he didn’t get off a bus fast enough.

In his defense, Wan had just finished a round of kidney dialysis and wasn’t moving too well when he got off at the Hod Post Office near his house. Before he could get both feet on the ground, the driver hit the pedal and Uncle Wan hit the pavement.

The bus stopped again and a passenger took him to back to the hospital.

The owner of the bus was summoned to the local police station where he reportedly took responsibility, saying the regular driver was off that day and the ticket attendant who usually helps the elderly and infirm was in the back of the coach.

So Wan sent the company his hospital bill, only to hear crickets in return.

When the injured man called the owner, he denied he’d taken responsibility and blamed the man for falling on his own.

It’s been a week and Wan’s family has gone to the press to press the bus company to pay up.