WATCH: Drug Traffickers Plow Into Busy Chiang Mai Intersection

Drug traffickers fleeing police in Chiang Mai plowed thrugh a busy intersection, causing a mass pileup and injuries Saturday night.

Three sedans and a motorcycle were damaged in the crash around 8:30 p.m. at the Mae Hia intersection of Chiang Mai-Hang Dong Road. Numerous casualties were reported with the injured sent to nearby hospitals.

Chiang Mai police said a black sedan driven by a man around age 30 had escaped arrest near the Ping River and got into a chase with police with suspects shooting at pursuing officers.

Instead of slowing down at the intersection the driver simply tried to run through, hitting two compacts and careening into traffic.

The suspects in the car fled the scene on foot, leaving behind two bags of methamphetamines in their smashed vehicle.