WATCH: Thai OnlyFans Actress Offers Chiang Mai Fans Sexy Drive-Through

A Chiang Mai porn actress and her boyfriend were arrested after a video of her selling fans the opportunity to perform sex acts with her in a parking lot emerged online.

Identified only as “Cat”, the heavily tattooed and pierced middle-age woman turned herself in at Mae Rim Police Station Sept. 6. Her boyfriend and cameraman, “Bim”, also was arrested.

The model had attracted hundreds of followers on the controversial OnlyFans website, which last month announced it would ban all sexual content from its platorm, only to reverse course days later after a huge backlash.

Sexual content and porn were the primary revenue drivers behind OnlyFans, allowing it to grow to its current size and attract investors.

But Cat took things beyond simply paying to watch her pornographic videos to actually meeting her in a parking lot to suck her nipples or perform far more graphic sex acts on her surgically enhanced breasts.

She said the video was shot in June, but it was one of many similar clips she’s done.

One man reportedly paid 1,000 baht for a two-minute interaction with Cat. The man caught on video reportedly was charged 50 baht, but ran off without paying, she said.

Cat and Bim were charged with producing pornographic media, with carries a fine of up to 60,000 baht and/or a three-year jail sentence. They also face charges under the Computer Crime Act, which carries penalties of up to five years in prison and/or a 100,000-baht fine.

This story appeared in the Chiang Mai Mail, a Bangkok Herald partner.