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Coming Soon: Thailand’s ‘Marijuana Sandbox’?

FDA draft cannabis bill allowing "restricted" recreational use

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The Food and Drug Administration drafted a bill to govern the use of cannabis and hemp, including “sandbox” recreational use and legalized home cultivation.

FDA Secretary-General Paisarn Dunkum said the bill focused on the maximum use of cannabis and hemp and the prevention of their abuse.

The bill prohibited the recreational use of cannabis and hemp except at specified “sandbox” locations. Besides, it banned their use with people younger than 20 years old and pregnant women, he said.

The bill allows people and companies to grow cannabis and hemp. Household cultivation is permitted for traditional medical purposes but growers must report the activity to their provincial authorities.

The commercial production, import, export, sales and advertisement of cannabis, hemp and their processed products require approval from the FDA. Such licenses will be valid for three years. The products with cannabis and hemp content also need authorization under relevant laws.

The FDA secretary-general also said there would be public hearings on the bill which would then be proposed to the public health minister and the cabinet. The legislative process should make concrete progress next month.