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20,000 Vehicles Seized in National Street-Racing Crackdown

Almost 20,000 vehicles seized from nationwide suppression of street racing

A nationwide police operation carried out over ten days to crack down on street racing has yielded close to 20,000 confiscated vehicles and almost 1,000 suspects.

Royal Thai Police Deputy Commissioner Damrongsak Kittipraphat announced Monday that 922 persons were arrested over the course of the operation. 2,575 parents were given probation for their children’s participation in street racing, and legal proceedings were taken against 182 vehicle modification and accessories shops. About 50,000 vehicles were found not in compliance with the Land Traffic Act, while 19,046 motorcycles and 118 cars were seized.

Damrongsak said the prime minister has ordered the Royal Thai Police to suppress street racers who present a nuisance to road users and people who lived near roads. The prime minister was also concerned that street racing activities may cause new outbreaks of Covid-19 after the lifting of curfews.

The government is now pushing for an amendment of the Land Traffic Act, in order for gatherings on or near public roads with the intention of participating in street races to be deemed as an “attempted racing” offense.

The deputy police chief added that collaboration is being made with social media influencers and YouTubers for them to produce clips to promote awareness about the illegality of street racing. The police force is also working with the Department of Land Transport to impose training on youths who are in police records for street racing, and encourage them to explore volunteer work instead of street racing.