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Chaiyaphum Burglar Tries on Clothes Before Stealing Them

Chayaphum Clothes Thieves Try on Before Stealing

A woman who burglarized is Chaiyaphum clothing store was not your ordinary thief. She tried on everything before stealing them.

Songad Chongnok, owner of the Mae Chim clothing and shoes shop in the Khao Suay Road second-hand shopping district in Muang District, said she opened up on Thursday morning to find her store in disarray. Checking the security camera, she found she had been hit by a very picky burglar around 1 a.m.

The CCTV footage shows the woman browsing for about five minutes, picking out famous-brand shows, bras and underwear. She then undressed, put on the new clothes and left the old ones in their place on the displays.

The woman continued her five-finger-discount shopping spree, picking out various items and trying them on to ensure they fit.

Once she picked out her new wardrobe, the burglar checked the register, but found it empty. She did, however, snatch a Buddha amulet at the cashier desk.

Songad brought the video to the local fashion police and asked the cops to publicize it, hoping someone would recognize the second-hand model.