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Fraudulent Texts Seeking Personal Info for Bogus ‘Phase 4’ of Co-Pay Scheme

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Criminals are taking advantage of the government’s recent announcement of an additional stipends under the co-pay scheme to convince people to divulge their personal information.

The government warned that it is not collecting information at the moment and urges people not to provide their details via links in the fraudulent texts.

Prime Minister’s Office spokesman Thanakorn Wangboonkongchana said inquiries have been made with the Digital Economy and Society Ministry’s anti-fake news center as well as with Krung Thai Bank, and it was found that the information-collecting act was perpetrated by ill-intentioned actors who have sent out SMSs under the name of the co-pay program.

The SMSs trick people into registering for “Phase 4” of co-pay, and collect information such as identification card numbers and passwords in the process, after which the information is used to fraudulently transfer money out of people’s bank accounts.

Thanakorn said there is currently no policy to request people’s personal, financial or debit card information via SMS. He asked that people do not hand over sensitive information to other individuals or make them available online.

Recently, the Cabinet approved an extra 1,500 baht of handouts for participants of the co-pay program. The amount will be disbursed in November, and users will have until Dec. 31 to spend it.

About 190,000 slots remain available in the current or third phase of the co-pay program.