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How Many Thai Cops Does It Take to Catch a Drunk Driver?

Get your flow charts ready: The lightbulbs over new roadside-checkpoints get screwed in Nov. 4

Thailand Roadside Drunk Driving Checkpoints Police

How many Thai cops does it take to find a drunk driver? From 10 p.m. today, the answer is apparently 12.

A month after halting all roadside alcohol-testing checkpoints, new national police chief Pol. Gen. Suwat Jangyodsuk will relaunch his vision of a “transparent” police-stop operation outside Thonglor Police Station Wednesday at 9 p.m. Once illustrated for the media for an hour, the new process will go into effect nationwide.

Suwat’s beef with the previous system was that cops around the country – especially out in the boonies – were setting up checkpoints willy-nilly, manning them often with a single uniformed officer and lots of unpaid volunteers who earned “tips” off soused drivers they let through without being cuffed.

Of course, those who didn’t play ball were arrested, even if they didn’t blow over the 0.05% blood-alcohol limit.

Suwat’s new plan would stuff checkpoints full of officers so the odds of funny business going on supposedly will decrease. Or, perhaps, the cost of driving drunk without getting arrested will go up.

Thailand Roadside Drunk Driving Checkpoints Police

So, to screw in this particular new light bulb, twelve cops will be needed: 2 to stop cars, two to smell the breath of the stopped motorist, three in an actual alcohol-testing booth, one to check testers’ work, one supervisor to check the testers’ checker’s work, and, finally, one officer to actually cuff a drunk driver. Two additional officers would be stationed at the checkpoint as backup or perhaps to get donuts.

The Royal Thai Police Office were kind enough to even hand out a diagram for easier comprehension.