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Immigration Discovers Blacklisted Belgian Forger Acting on TV Under Its Nose

Belgian Actor Forger Blacklisted Thailand Arrested

Immigration officials finally figured out that a Belgian actor who appeared in numerous films and TV shows was, in fact, a blacklist forger living under their noses for four years.

Identified only as “Prima”, 49, the Belgian had no passport and there was no record of him ever entering Thailand. It wasn’t until his fingerprints were scanned did it was discovered he was in a police database for being arrested for forging immigration documents in 1999.

As he had been blacklisted from the country, Prima was denied entry when he tried to return to Thailand 15 years later. So, instead of flying home, he went to Myanmar, then Cambodia, and sneaked over a natural land border.

After taking up residence in Bangkok, Prima went for an audition for a television drama looking for a European who could speak Thai. Fluent in the language, he was befriended by a Thai talent agent who later found him bit parts in movies and television shows.

Typical for actors, the Belgian became a bit of a playboy, bringing a steady stream of Thai women back to his Wang Thonglang apartment. That apparently pissed off the neighbors, who ratted him out to the Immigration Bureau, complaing about a “suspicious” European with low morals and no steady work.

Not to be outdone by the soap opera actor, Immigration police staged their own comedic drama when they dispatched 12 officers in full hazmat gear to arrest him last week.

Prima was charged with illegal entry and residence in the kingdom.