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Two SE Asia Gun-Runners Captured in Bangkok With Pistols, Grenades

Special Division police on Saturday arrested two Southeast Asian men accused of selling guns and explosives.

The Singaporean, identified only as “Bink”, 26, and Indonesian Aiden, 32, were captured in an apartment in Huay Khwang District by the so-called “191” police officers. Officers seized seven handguns, 584 bullets, an M67 grenade and smoke and flash-bang grenades.

The arrests came after a tip pointed the patrol and special operations unit to a Mercedes-Benz with fake license plates owned by one of the suspects.

Police said the two men confessed to selling guns and explosives to foreigners via the Line and WeChat messaging apps with customers paying in Bitcoin. One unlucky accomplice in Singapore actually called Bink while police were there, offering to pay him 100,000 baht to destroy the guns he had in his possession. Sorry, too late.

Police said the gun-runners entered Thailand on student visas in 2019 and had been renting the Suthisan-area apartment since June.

They were charged with possession and sale of guns and explosives without licenses. Bink additionally was charged with falsifying his car license.