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Woman Dies During Sex in Nonthaburi Hotel

Woman Dies During Sex in Nonthaburi Thaialnd

A 54-year-old Nonthaburi woman flipped the usual script about men dying during sex, succumbing herself to an apparent heart attack during foreplay today.

Paramedics found the victim, identified only as Uraiwan, at the foot of the bed in a hotel room in Bang Bua Thong District where she had gone with her 45-year-old lover, Phitsanu, for a nooner today.

The barber told police that he and the department store clerk had decided to spend Sunday in bed, but as things started getting steamy, she complained she couldn’t breath and went to the restroom where she vomited. She then collapsed as she came back to bed

Uraiwan’s friends said the afternoon delight was not an illicit affair and that she suffered from heart disease. Her body was taken for a forensic examination.