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Full Classrooms to Return to Thailand Schools

Thailand Schools social distancing desk partitions classrooms

Thailand schools will return to full classrooms after cruising through their first month of alternate-day schedules without any new cases of Covid-19.

Dr. Taweesin Visanuyothin, spokesman for the Center for COVID-19 Situation Administration, said Monday that young students posed few risks of coronavirus infection because their nasal cavities were smaller than adults’ and because Covid-19 did not flare again after schools reopened July 1.

Alternate-day schooling at about 4,500 schools affected both learning and social development of youngsters and impacted homelife as parents had to find guardians or stay home from work, he said.

For the full-scale service resumption, management at schools must place desks as far as possible from each another, open windows of air-conditioned classrooms during breaks and record respiratory illnesses. Local educational and health officials would supervise the schools, he said.

The Public Health Ministry found that 99.4% of schools applied such measures and the number of ill students dropped to only 687 with coughs, fevers, runny noses or sore throats. None of the cases were Covid-19.