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Cruise Ship Terminal Proposed for Koh Samui

Thailand is considering building a cruise ship terminal on Koh Samui to accommodate tourist arrivals and improve safety for them.

The Marine Department has identified Hin Khom Pier on the southwest tip of Koh Samui as a suitable location for constructing a deep-water terminal after preliminary discussions. The facility is expected to be large enough to dock two cruise ships, 80 yachts, and six ferries at the same time.

To fund the construction, officials are considering a public-private partnership model, with the government covering costs for land expropriation and terminal construction and a major private firm covering equipment and port maintenance.

In order to attract more tourists and create more jobs, the Transport Ministry also has advocated the construction of additional cruise ship terminals in Thailand, including Pattaya.

Prior to the pandemic, Koh Samui, Phuket, and Chonburi’s Laem Chabang were among Thailand’s most popular tourist destinations, frequented by cruise ships from all over the world.