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‘Crazy Naked Man’ Is Back at Bangsaen Beach

Crazy Naked Man Bangsaen Beach Thailand

“Crazy Naked Man” is making a nuisance of himself on Bangsaen Beach, as police can’t keep him away from the sand nor keep his clothes on.

The elderly Thai man known as Samran lives in the nearby Tanlom Community. Every day he wanders down to Bangsaen Beach for a swim. Some of those days he even wears swimming trunks.

Police were called to the Beach July 12 by parents of small children who were concerned at the site of an elderly guy screaming at the ocean. He had laid his shorts out on the sand to dry, leaving him “au natural”.

Police came out and got him to get dressed and go home.

Samran was on Friday. But this time he walked from his house, through Bangsaen Circle, in the buff.

This time, Sansuk Subdistrit municipal police officer Pornsiri Thongwichien came armed with a pair of shorts for the streaker.

Pornsiri said Samran is not homeless, like some thought, and, in fact, is quite well-to-do. But he increasingly suffers from dementia and strips down because he wants his clothes to be dry when he walks home.

Arresting him won’t do much good, so police will just have to stay on the case, he said.