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Fed-Up Chonburi Locals Turn Potholes into Fishing Holes

Fed-Up Chonburi Locals Turn Potholes into Fishing Holes 4

A group of Chonburi locals fed up with the province’s refusal to fix a battered local road protested by turning potholes into fishing holes.

About 10 Muang District residents on Thursday said they’re fed up with fishy business going on between local jurisdictions that has left Soi Huay Kapi 17 near Bangsaen Technical College looking lke the surface of the moon for years.

The thoroughfare runs through several subdistricts and none have taken responsibility to coordinate repairs to permanently fix the roadway. Frequent patch jobs quickly fall apart, leaving large basins and cracks that fill with water during every rainstorm.

Choke, a 62-year-old local, said he’s lived on the road for 40 years and can’t recall the last time the roadway was smooth and free of vehicle hazards. Finally he and some buddies said enough was enough.

To bring attention to their plight, they released fish into the holes, some of which are connected by large fissures that allow the fish to swim between pockmarks.

Choke said if nothing is done, they will scale up their protest and the entire street into one big fish pond.

A version of this story originally appeared in the Pattaya Mail, a Bangkok Herald partner.